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Visualizer for Maya 1.1 Available

Caustic announced a new Visualizer for Maya 1.1, and has introduced the open beta of   Visualizer for 3ds Max 1.0.

Visualizer for Maya 1.1 provides batch rendering, and que management compatibility, providing users with the option to launch Visualizer for Maya across multiple machines in a render farm (note: this requires a Caustic Visualizer on each machine).  Render managers, such as Backburner and Deadline, are supported. When machines equipped with Imagination’s Caustic Series2 cards are linked together in a farm, render times can be reduced by up to 500% per machine, the company says.

Visualizer for 3ds Max 1.0 includes ActiveShade, a ray-traced environment that allows scenes to be viewed and modified in real-time using 3ds Max’s standard modeling, animation and lighting toolsets, including mental ray.

For more information, visit Caustic.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.



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