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Volkswagen Implements MD Nastran

By DE Editors

MSC.Software (Santa Ana, CA) announced that German development sites of Volkswagen have begun implementation of MSC.Software’s multidisciplinary solution, MD Nastran, in their simulation environment.

The deployment of MD Nastran will create a fully harmonized simulation environment for Volkswagen that extends from the European headquarters in Wolfsburg to two other German development sites. Volkswagen realized an enterprise environment deployed across a number of production sites extends the pure technology benefits onto a much wider commercial scale.

By combining the core functionality of MSC Nastran, Marc and Adams, MD Nastran allows manufacturing customers to address a broad set of multidisciplinary engineering applications with higher accuracy and more reliable performance predictions. Volkswagen chose MD Nastran as the path forward from their currently deployed MSC.Software solutions including Adams, SimDesigner, and the custom simulation data management environment CAE-Bench.

Integrated solution technology was a key factor in the Volkswagen decision, with routine analysis applications in statics and dynamics also being extended to nonlinear standard load-cases in automotive development.

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Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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