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Vuuch Announces Vuuch 3.0

By DE Editors

Vuuch has announced the availability of Vuuch 3.0 social software for product development teams. It is designed to enable a team to work together in new ways using CAD and desktop tools. Vuuch also leverages enterprise applications like product lifecycle management, enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management.

A new Vuuch “product” page type has been introduced into the enterprise social system (ESS). Vuuch product pages use BOMs (bills-of-material) to make the product development project visible to many more users. Vuuch product pages contain a hierarchy of other Vuuch pages, each of which manages status, development discussions, issues and tasks. With the introduction of product pages, Vuuch enables teamwork across the enterprise via a design-intent-based BOM. This BOM contains the accumulated deliverables, discussion and decisions relating to the product, not just part and assembly hierarchies. For example, engineering can work with manufacturing on production issues. Vendors and suppliers will have real-time awareness of issues. Vuuch product pages also retain all the advantages of regular Vuuch pages, including the ability to be related to other pages and dynamic access control.

Vuuch 3.0 now offers direct import of Excel project tracking spreadsheets into the ESS. When project tracking spreadsheets are imported, Vuuch automatically creates Vuuch pages for each item being tracked. Once imported, development issues, tasks and discussions can be dynamically updated using Vuuch directly from the user’s preferred environment, be it the web, a CAD tool or a Microsoft Office application.

The new version of the ESS also delivers dozens of user-interface improvements. On the web, Vuuch now offers a new home page that allows users to create new pages and activities. For Vuuch pages that track a CAD file, an image of the CAD part or assembly is automatically included on the Vuuch page, enabling users to understand what part or assembly is being tracked.

Vuuch is available as an annual subscription. Users who create Vuuch pages require a paid license. Anyone can access those pages and update those pages without a paid license. With the launch of Vuuch 3.0, the company is offering introductory pricing of $250 per year per Vuuch page creation license.

Optional Vuuch add-ins allow team members to access the ESS directly from within Microsoft Office 2007, SolidWorks, Autodesk AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, and Pro/ENGINEER.

For more information, visit Vuuch.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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