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Watch: The 2013 ANSYS Convergence Webinar Series

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Colin Powell famously said that “no battle plan survives contact with the enemy.” That sentiment applied to product design and analysis might come out as “no product design survives without an accurate approximation of real-world conditions.” And simulating “real-world conditions” is the challenge for engineers. But what are those conditions?


The short answer is that they are legion: Multiple physics phenomena, such as structural mechanics, fluids, and all that stuff that goes on with electronics. But you also have to engineer multiple systems within systems and negotiate multiple regulatory forces as well as multiple time and budgetary pressures. And then you have to manage increasing volumes of simulation data and, thanks to high-performance computing, you are blessed and cursed with even more data than imaginable just years ago. An in-depth examination of these singularities and their effect on your ability to design and optimize products using accurate approximations of real-world conditions is what you’ll find at the other end of today’s Check it Out link.

“The 2013 ANSYS Convergence Webinar Series,” an on-demand compendium of presentations taken from an eponymous series of events hosted by ANSYS worldwide this past year, drills down into these topics. The presenters are almost entirely experts from such engineering powerhouses as 3M, Cummins, Micrel, Navistar, Sub-Zero, Xerox, and others. The lone exception being an ANSYS presentation on its view on the current state of the art and trends in simulation technology that also includes a few insights into future updates to ANSYS physics solutions and a preview of the company’s next generation of simulation software.

The series is broadly grouped into four tracks: The Business of Simulation, Electronics/Electromagnetics, Fluids, and Structural Mechanics. Each track offers two or three presentations, and each track’s presentations are wrapped within a single webcast. The average broadcast length is about 90 minutes for a three-presentation track, so budget your time accordingly. Here’s a quick rundown of the content in each track.

The Business of Simulation track has three presentations. The first is that ANSYS overview of trends in simulation solutions mentioned above. The other track members discuss analysis-led design initiatives and the role of simulation and multiphysics in medical device new product development.

The Electronics/Electromagnetics track offers two presentations. The first, “On-Chip Inductor Design and Optimization,” provides a design methodology to study and optimize on-chip inductor geometries. The second presents RF simulation results and measurements results from the modeling the thin indium tin oxide films used in handheld wireless device touch-sensitive displays.

The three presentations in the Fluids track cover designing sub-zero appliances with luxury features while meeting energy usage specifications, optimizing LED light bulbs, and designing and optimizing cooling modules for heavy ground vehicles.

The Structural Mechanics track also has two presentations. The first covers modeling elastomeric polymer materials during sheeting. The second is called “Thermal and Mechanical Design and Optimization for Printer Development — Linking ANSYS with Design for Lean Six Sigma.”

As you might expect, the speakers use ANSYS products such as Fluent, HFSS, and Icepack in their day jobs, so ANSYS solutions are employed to illustrate discussions. But these are not mere case studies. All presentations provide rich technical details. These details will be of keen interest to those of you directly involved with the technology under discussion, and all of the presentations will capture your attention regardless of your line of work.

Hit today’s Check it Out link to access the entire series of series of ANSYS Convergence on-demand webinars. Well worth your time.

Thanks, Pal.   – Lockwood

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Watch: The 2013 ANSYS Convergence Webinar Series

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