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William Frick & Company Adds 3D Printing Services

William Frick & Company is adding 3D printing services for rapid prototyping. According to Frick, this addition to their services will provide a 3D printer that produces functional prototypes that clients can test in real time.

Frick specializes in labels, tags and other specialty identification products. Customers can work with its product development team to develop an idea, solve a problem or create an original part. “Because we serve customers in a variety of markets, each product we supply is a unique and designed for a specific application,” says President Jeff Brandt. “Using a 3D printer is a quick, cost-effective way to respond to our customers’ needs.”

The 3D printer also has further application outside of product development. Frick has also found benefits to using 3D-printed parts in the radio-frequency identification (RFID) field. By being able to quickly produce the necessary microchips and tags, it helps with brainstorming and solving any glitches in the production process.

“Some of the more complex uses for RFID applications require tags with custom housing that maximizes mounting and performance options,” says Brandt. “These applications may require tags to be hermetically sealed for use in a harsh environment, for example. … [With 3D printing] we can quickly produce an idea, evaluate it and see if it’s feasible.”

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