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WindSim Version 5.1 Available

By DE Editors

WindSim, which provides computational fluid dynamics technology used to optimize wind turbine placement, wind performance, and bankable AEP, announced the release of WindSim 5.1.

New features include a forecasting module, which calculates the energy production of a wind farm from CFD downscaled mesoscale weather predictions corrected by Artificial Neural Networks, and an IEC classification, which defines turbine class by the IEC 61400-1, edition 3, and amendment 1 (2010). It includes the wake added turbulence by the Frandsen model.

Queuing allows users to run wind field simulations while working in other modules or projects . Via either the Terrain Editor or WindSim Express, users can convert from a large variety of formats to the WindSim terrain format using Global Mapper.

Upcoming from the company is WindSIM Express, which makes CFD-based micro-siting a simple, three-step procedure (name the project; load the turbine positions and measurement data, and set the resolution of the numerical model).

WindSim Express automatically downloads a terrain model of the area of interest and runs the simulations. It runs standalone, but works also as a wizard for setting up projects in WindSim. It will be bundled with WindSim 5.2 for free.

For more information, visit WindSim.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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