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Wolfram Releases gridMathematica 2

By DE Editors

Wolfram Research(Champaign, IL) has unveiled Version 2 of gridMathematica, itstechnical environment for solving the most demanding engineering,mathematics, science, and finance problems. gridMathematica 2,according to the company, is now optimized for virtually allsupercomputers, heterogeneous grids, multiprocessor systems, andpersonal workstations. With gridMathematica, engineers and scientistscan develop parallel applications using the Mathematica environment anddeploy their applications seamlessly on any supercomputer.

Features of gridMathematica 2 include scheduling and performanceenhancements, automatic parallelization of wider classes ofcomputations, programmable scheduling for problem-specific tuning,support for speculative parallelism, improved failure recovery and userconfigurability, universal database connectivity, web services support,high-speed binary I/O, strengthened string manipulation, and fulloptimization for all 64-bit architectures.

Built on the Mathematica foundation, gridMathematica is said to bewell-suited for numerical supercomputing applications and parallelprocessing of such complex non-numeric data as images, 2D and 3D vectorgraphics, geospatial information, genomic sequences, algebraicformulas, logical and program constructs, and general symbolic data.

For more information about gridMathematica 2, go to the gridMathematica page on the Wolfram Research website.

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