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WorkNC DENTAL’s CAD/CAM System on Display at LMT Lab Day

By DE Editors

WorkNC DENTAL, Sescoi’s open, automatic dental CAD/CAM system will be shown at the LMT Lab Day in Chicago on February 27. The specialist clinics and the exhibition, held in the Sheraton Chicago Hotel and Towers, will be an opportunity for delegates to network with other dental professionals and hear about the latest developments in the industry.

WorkNC Dental is an automatic solution for machining of dental prostheses, implants, and structures that includes more than 70 3- to 5-axis toolpaths. Its optimized machining sequences result in set-up and production time-savings, according to the company.

Starting with scanned data manipulated in a dental CAD system such as Dental Wings, 3 Shape, and others, WorkNC Dental has been designed so that technicians unfamiliar with CNC machining can produce dental elements on a range of machine-tools and in a variety of materials with very little instruction.

Technicians start by nesting caps and bridges within the material blank, and then add location pins to support the prostheses during the machining operation. Machining wizards within WorkNC Dental automatically select the most appropriate tools and cutting methods for the selected material. Zirconia and titanium have different cutting characteristics, so the toolpaths, feeds, and speeds generated by the system are all optimized to give the best possible results. Where appropriate, WorkNC Dental automatically generates 5-axis cutterpaths, ensuring that compound angled location holes and undercut conditions are machined with one mouse click.

For more information, visit Sescoi.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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