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Z Corporation ZPrinter 450 Selected by DE Readers as 2007 Product of the Year

By DE Editors

Z Corporation CEO John Kawola (left) accepts Product of the Year award from DE Publisher Brian Vaillancourt at Z Corp. headquarters.

In June 2008, Desktop Engineering (DE; Dublin, NH) announced the ZPrinter 450 3D Color Printer from Z Corporation (Burlington, MA) as the 2007 DE Readers’ Choice Product of the Year, eclipsing 11 other products that had previously appeared as Products of the Month in Desktop Engineering magazine.

DE first reported on the ZPrinter 450 in the May 2007 issue, noting its innovative capabilities for a color 3D printer.

The ZPrinter 450 is optimized for the office environment: It is quiet, uses safe build materials, and employs "negative pressure" and a closed loop system to contain airborne particles. Even when a model requires supports, the ZPrinter 450 automatically removes loose powders used in model support without liquid baths. The ZPrinter 450’s powder and binder cartridges cleanly load, keeping users away from the build materials.

Other innovations include automated setup and self-monitoring, and a cost-per-prototype model of approximately $3 per cubic inch. Plus, the ZPrinter 450 has an integrated fine-powder removal chamber that reduces the footprint of the system.

"DE is the editorial authority in the MCAD/CAM/CAE market, covering hundreds of new products every year across our electronic and hard-copy media platforms," said Brian Vaillancourt, publisher of DE. "Being selected as Product of the Year by DE’s readership represents the highest accolade any solutions developer in this market could hope for. On behalf of the entire DE community, I congratulate Z Corporation on the selection of its ZPrinter 450 as the 2007 DE Readers’ Choice Product of the Year."

"Across a variety of industries, the use of 3D printing is becoming a must-have capability," said John Kawola, CEO of Z Corporation. "Winning this award is a satisfying endorsement of our technology’s unique ability to quickly and affordably produce high-quality, full-color physical models."

For complete details, visit Z Corporation.

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