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Zebra Imaging to Partner with Autodesk

Zebra Imaging, a provider of 3D holographic displays and visualization technologies, announced that the company is launching a new Web GL integration service that will be available on the Autodesk 123Dapp.com website. The integration will allow 123D users to seamlessly print a 3D holographic display from a 3D model.

Zebra Imaging will be an Autodesk featured Fabrication Partner, offering users the ability to print their creations in a true 3D hologram, also known as a ZScape 3D Holographic Print.

“With our technology and 3D print services, 3D data can be brought out of the computer and into the consumer 3D display market at an affordable price. The partnership is about inspiring creativity and new approaches for visualizing in 3D,” said Brian Hill, general manager of the Zebra Imaging Print Division.

Zebra’s holographic prints are an alternative to traditional 3D printing services. Where traditional 3D printing companies produce a physical model of 3D data, 3D holographic prints are an actual 3D print, a product that looks like a digital film photograph; when illuminated with a light source, the image appears to float above the surface and can be viewed in 3D without glasses.

The initial product offering for 123D users will be an 8 x 10 color or monochrome (green) holographic print with a light source starting at $99. Users will be able to order larger sizes in the future.

For more information, visit Zebra Imaging.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.


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