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 Zuken Announces CADSTAR Placement Planner

By DE Editors

Zuken has announced its CADSTAR Placement Planner, which is intended to help electronic engineers communicate intent and provide guidance to printed circuit board (PCB) designers. Zuken developed Placement Planner, an add-on to CADSTAR Schematics, as a solution for engineers who do not require full CADSTAR functionality.

Placement Planner is intended to assist design flow between logical design and PCB layout, whether conducting placement studies for space planning or defining the location of components. Features of Placement Planner include the ability to define placement of components for board performance and design space early in the design process, managing schematic and layout reuse blocks, defining constraints and requirements before layout, verification through view and cross-probe between schematic and PCB design data, and access to CADSTAR’s placement features during schematic entry.

For more information, visit Zuken.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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