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ZWCAD 2010 Released

By DE Editors

ZWCAD Software Co., Ltd. (ZWSOFT; Guangzhou, China), recently released ZWCAD 2010, the latest version of its customizable CAD platform for 2D and 3D design, calling this edition the fastest version of its software yet. According to the company, ZWCAD 2010 offers high compatibility with Windows 7 as well as a many new features and enhanced APIs (application programming interfaces).

ZWCAD 2010 Released
ZWCAD from ZWSOFT Software.

ZWSOFT reports that new memory optimization in version 2010 makes viewing operations such as zoom, pan, and redraw operate more smoothly. Compressed processing and new optimized arithmetic in this version is said to improve the efficiency of commonly used commands, resulting in greater speed and stability, especially when working with large drawings.

ZWCAD 2010 provides improved drawing features including a newly developed In-Place MTEXT Editor that is said to help users better focus on designs. New and improved functions such as a new text formatting toolbar, a new dialog box for formatting paragraphs, and a new display options menu are reported to make user work experience more efficient. Additionally, a new SplinEdit feature lets users change the shape of spline objects. This feature can be used to edit fit data, adjust refinements, change directions, and move vertices, according to ZWSOFT.

ZWCAD 2010 Released
Image courtesy ZWSOFT and Invenio Poland.

ZWSOFT says that ZWCAD’s native file format is compatible with DWG, so it can open, edit, and save any existing DWG file generated by AutoCAD. Further ZWCAD’s commands and aliases are also compatible with AutoCAD. ZWCAD can export and import the MNU, MNS, and PGP files that define menus, toolbars, and aliases customized in AutoCAD.

ZWCAD provides an AutoTrack feature that combines polar tracking and object snap tracking so that you can draw objects at specific angles or in exact relationship to other objects. ZWCAD automatically generates alignment paths to show geometric relationships. Miscellaneous features include the ability to define multiple objects as wholes to create blocks (symbols); in-place reference editing; dynamic prompts that display tool tips near the cursor; support for a multiple document operating environment; and a built-in calculator with CAD-specific functions, such as geometric calculations, units conversion, and user-defined variables. The plotting features in ZWCAD 2010 have been enhanced with extended paper-space functionality.

ZWCAD 2010 offers several new API functions, including SDS and LISP, which are said to be similar to ADS and AutoLISP. The latter, LISP, has been enhanced with a series of new functions added to the LISP Vlax and Vlr series. VBA offers new functions such as AppendOuterLoop and AppendInnerLoop. Additionally, the ZWCAD run-time extension ZRX, which is similar to ARX, enables developers to directly access a DWG database, customize entities, and migrate ARX applications to ZWCAD.

ZWCAD 2010 is available English and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) as well as Czech, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Hungarian, Korean, Polish, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish. For complete details on ZWCAD 2010, visit the ZWSOFT website.

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