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ZWCAD 2010 Supports DWG 2010 

By DE Editors

ZWCAD Software Co., Ltd. has released a ZWCAD 2010 Update Patch, which offers smoother drawing communication with support for DWG 2010. Available in 15 languages, ZWCAD 2010 Update Patch also provides powerful 3D features such as sweep and loft, as well as faster drawing speeds and greater program stability.  

With support for DWG 2010, users can create, open, edit, and save drawings generated by AutoCAD from version 2.5 to 2011. ZWCAD 2010 designers can even save drawings back to DWG 2007 when needed, according to the company.  

The new sweep and loft commands can help simplify 3D and solid model design work. Pan and zoom commands have been optimized to reduce viewing lag. Speed of these commands has increased 50 percent to 200 percent for most drawings, according to ZWCAD. The company also says its program’s stability has been improved in commonly used areas such as data access with Microsoft documents, opens and saves, eTransmit, and others.   

In addition, new features such as “only save current doc” allow users who commonly have multiple drawings open at the same time to set their Autosave functions to save only the current file being edited. The View Manager feature now provides a dialog window to create and edit all model named views.

For more information, visit ZWCAD.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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