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ZWCAD 2018 Available Now

ZWSOFT has unveiled ZWCAD 2018, the latest version of the CAD software. ZWCAD 2018 is powered by an engine to ensure the better .dwg compatibility and code-level API ability.

This is the first time ZWCAD adopts dark theme UI, according to the company. “Users deserve a fluid and better design experience, so that’s why we provide a brand-new dark theme UI in ZWCAD 2018,” Daniel Huang, the ZWCAD product manager, said. “The lower brightness and higher contrast of such design can greatly reduce the visual fatigue from long time drafting.”

In addition, ZWCAD 2018 is compatible with high-resolution 4K displays.

ZWCAD 2018 improves the Customization function to support Ribbon tabs and panels as before, and support to customize toolbars, menus, keyboard shortcuts and right-click menus. Partial CUI is supported now for users and developers to build their own Ribbon inside of ZWCAD. The legacy customization files and CUIx are now reconciled with each other. The CUI is also compatible with AutoCAD; the CUIx file can be directly loaded in ZWCAD 2018.

Many new features and enhancements are available in ZWCAD 2018. For example, the Quick Calculator allows users to do the mathematic, scientific, geometric, engineering calculations, and create variables and text calculation. New command AIDIMFLIPARROW can flip dimension arrows for some specific designing works in many areas. Solid profile is added to generate 2D representation from 3D models. Mvsetup is added to setup drawing specification, insert title and other justification for viewports.

ZWCAD 2018 supports LISP, VBA, ZRX and .NET interfaces; more applications are already ported to ZWCAD, such as CAD Profi, MDT. To better support the developers to build the bridge with ZWCAD, now they can use the LISP compiler to compile .lsp file to .zelx formats with compile-zelx method. And the .zelx format is a compiled format so it can run faster while protects the source codes.

For more info, visit ZWSOFT.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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