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ZWSOFT Releases ZWCAD 2010 Beta for Evaluation 

By DE Editors

ZWCAD Software Co., Ltd. has announced the availability of ZWCAD 2010 Beta software for public evaluation.

ZWSOFT Releases ZWCAD 2010 Beta for Evaluation 

ZWCAD 2010 is designed to integrate with Windows 7 and communicate with other Windows applications. It is now available in 14 languages.

The software features memory optimization with compressed processing and new optimized arithmetic that improves the efficiency of commonly used commands and reduces CPU usage and memory. ZWCAD 2010’s new In-Place MTEXT Editor includes a text formatting toolbar, paragraph dialog box and display options menu.

ZWCAD 2010 Beta also includes improvements to Hidden Plot, Render, Refedit, Splinedit, Undo, and Hatch. It also includes enhanced APIs like Lisp and VBA, with 13 new functions added to the Lisp Vlax and Vlr series.

For more information, visit ZWCAD.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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