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Rendering a New Year Message in KeyShot 2.1

A dell monitor with New Year message, rendered in KeyShot 2.1.

A Dell monitor with New Year message, rendered in KeyShot 2.1.

An iPad with New Year message, rendered in KeyShot 2.1.

An iPad with New Year message, rendered in KeyShot 2.1.

Happy New Year and welcome to 2011!

I’m kick-starting a new series of video reports with a short demonstration on using Luxion KeyShot 2.1 to create a New Year message. The latest release of KeyShot comes with a slew of user-interface improvements, including a Label function (frequently referred to as “Decal” in modeling and rendering software packages).

What you need for this exercise:

  • a 2D image with your New Year message (I created mine in Adobe Illustrator, then saved it as JPEG);
  • a 3D model with an even surface where you can project the message (I used an iPad model created by sgi102, found among user-submitted 3D content at Dassault Systemes’ 3DVIA.com portal); and
  • KeyShot rendering software (Luxion lets you use the trial software for 15 days, but the rendering produced will include a watermark).

For the rest of the steps, watch the video clip below:

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  1. More
    keyshot tutorials! Great stuff Kenneth;)
    im a 2d artist (dabble with 3d basics) who has just discovered the program and having alot of fun
    with it.. yet to actually work out how i can use it in day to day stuff.
    So this is a godsend this program if i can just get the hang of importing
    3d models..and basically my way around the program.
    How to add your own environment backplates from your own photographs..
    eg. have the local park as the backplate..that would be a hdri tutorial i guess in photoshop.
    Anyways, happy new year.
    Keep em coming its appreciated

  2. Loz: Glad you found the video clip useful. A review of KeyShot 2.1 and another video clip is, indeed, in the work. Stay tuned!

  3. Kenneth just a quick question
    Take a look at the link: http://lozwebcreative.jalbum.net/selected%20works/
    See image 3 the ipad;) my first go attempt with keyshot.
    Q)If you look closely at the ipads border the reflection of the light
    has jagged pixels..is there a way to sharpen this so looks cleaner?

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