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CAD Loaders for modo 601

A mechanical design rendered in modo, imported using modo 601's CAD Loader. (Image by Andy Probst, modo user and digital artist.)

Luxology‘s CAD Loaders for modo 601, the latest release of Luxology’s rendering and animation software, are expected to make working with CAD files easier than before. The new CAD Loader plug-ins are based on Parasolid kernel, licensed by Siemens PLM Software. When CAD models are loaded into modo, the loaders transform CAD geometry into tessellated surfaces, the preferred format in rendering operations.

“Exchange of CAD data is absolutely business-critical to our customers,” says Brad Peebler, president and cofounder, Luxology. “CAD Loaders for modo offer users a flexible set of controls for optimizing incoming CAD data that goes beyond simple file importing. This opens up a world of CAD data for designers and other 3D artists who want to tap the power of modo for concept design and advanced visualization.”

According to Luxology’s announcement, “Incoming surfaces are maintained as parametric surfaces in modo, which allows for alternate tessellation parameters to be applied dynamically under user control. Resulting meshes can be saved as convex polygons or a combination of quads and n-gons.”

CAD Loaders for modo are available from Luxology resellers and from Luxology’s website. The Advanced CAD Loader for modo 601 includes XT, IGES, and STEP file loaders ($695.00). The Basic CAD Loader is a Parasolid XT standalone file loader ($495.00). The Loaders run in both Windows and Mac OS. modo 601, described by its makers as “a landmark release,” is priced $1.195.

Based on Parasolid Kernel, modo 601's CAD Loaders give you an easy way to turn 3D CAD files into tessellated surfaces, ready for rendering.

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