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RTT Buys Bunkspeed, Reaches into New Markets

High-end rendering and visualization software developer RTT snatches up Bunkspeed, another rendering software maker.


RTT, already well-known among automotive manufacturers for its DeltaGen 3D visualization software, is snatching up Los Angeles-based Bunkspeed, another rendering software developer. So why is a company with its own renderer buying another renderer? The answer rests with the different markets the products target.

RTT’s DeltaGen is a high-end product, by the company’s own description. By contrast, Bunkspeed SHOT is an easy-to-use rendering program, targeting CAD users with little or no training in the use of complex rendering applications. RTT’s purchase of Bunkspeed gives the company a robust product to sell downmarket.

Peter Stevenson, CEO of RTT USA, Inc. said, “The addition of Bunkspeed’s specialty services and footprint will allow RTT to provide a broader range of capabilities to our customers.”

Though they cater to different audiences, both companies share a dedication to the GPU’s parallel processing potential. When GPU maker NVIDIA began promoting its Maximus technology (a setup that lets you deploy more than one GPU in a workstation), RTT DeltaGen was one of the featured applications. Bunkspeed SHOT was built for GPU acceleration using NVIDIA’s CUDA programming platform.

According to RTT’s press announcement of the acquisition, “Bunkspeed will continue to operate under the same name and is now a wholly owned subsidiary of RTT. The incorporation of Bunkspeed will take place over the upcoming months. During the interim period, clients will receive continued support and the same advanced quality product that they have come to expect from both RTT and Bunkspeed.” The company also revealed that Steven Madge, RTT’s managing director of the Pasadena office, has been named CEO of Bunkspeed.

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