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Rescale Adds Siemens PLM Software as a Partner

Running a stress analysis on a rectangular beam using NX Nastran on Rescale's on-demand hardware platform, part of a tutorial that highlights the Rescale-Siemens partnership.

San Francisco-based start-up Rescale, which specializes in providing on-demand computing platform (a mix of middleware and hardware), has just added one more name to its growing list of partners. The new addition, Siemens PLM Software, rounds out a partner list that already includes household names in simulation, like ANSYS, MSC Software, CD-adapco, and Dassault.

Rescale belongs to the emerging PaaS (Platform as a Service) or IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) vendor community. The company targets specifically those who rely heavily on simulation and digital prototyping to develop, test, and verify their products. With its partnership with Siemens, Rescale now lets you run Siemens’ flagship simulation product NX Nastran on Rescale’s remote computing resources. If additional NX Nastran licenses are needed (to speed up the job by distributing it on more cores), Rescale can negotiate and deliver them. Rescale’s own cluster management and job management software gives users the ability to save a simulation loop like a template, preserved for reuse by others.

“Since Rescale hosts such a wide range of simulation software, it’s not uncommon for one company or customer to run many different solvers — even competing ones,” said Ilea Graedel, Rescale’s business development manager. “Many of our customers have several departments using Rescale, including aerodynamics, structural, thermal, acoustics, etc. Each team may use different simulation software depending on the application, so having them accessible in one location really cuts down on the time and energy required to burst capacity into the cloud.”

For more, watch Rescale’s video below:

NX Nastran on Rescale from Rescale on Vimeo.

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