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Engage in Electromagnetic Simulation and Analysis

Infolytica_EngageWith the emergence of cellphones, wearables and sensor-reliant devices, the field of electromagnetic simulation is seeing more applications daily. This also means the software to help predict device properties and behavior is helping solve new problems and evolving to help engineers collaborate and produce robust designs. Outside of the office, user conferences help visitors expand their working knowledge of the software and the industry it serves.

This year’s Infolytica Engage is a chance for members of the electromagnetic simulation community to gather and discuss the newest applications and areas for improvement, and provide direct feedback to the developers. The conference will be held next month from October 26 to 28 in Rosemont, IL.

Get Tips from Users

The company offers MagNet, ElecNet, MotorSolve and ThermNet, providing tools for simulating actuators, induction heating, motors, sensors and more. At Engage, attendees can listen to presentations that showcase some of these applications, and learn new ways to leverage Infolytica software directly from their own peers and colleagues.

“Users helping users is always the most effective way [to learn about Infolytica software], since it’s the most like the real world. At events like these, we’re always finding new ways that our software is being used. There’s a large amount of knowledge exchanged,” says Chad Ghalamzan, marketing manager at Infolytica Corporation. “This conference is a chance for [users] to teach us but also teach others on how to use the software best and within their everyday work for their design needs.”

The agenda for user presentations includes:

  • James Hendershot, consultant: “Toyota 2010 Prius Traction Motor Analysis with MotorSolve”
  • Doug Kolak, Mentor Graphics: “Flowmaster with MotorSolve”
  • Matthias Bucher, HSR Institute for Energy Technology CAEMG: “Power Transformer Failures and Challenges in the Transformer Design”
  • Jerry Footage, RCT Systems: “3D FEA (finite element analysis) of Single Phase, Disk Type, VR Machine”
  • Tanner Rahman, Ph.D., McGill University: “Design and Optimization of Electric Motors for the Automotive Industry”

An expanded program can be found on the Infolytica Engage site and will continue to be updated before the conference begins.

Advanced Training

For more advanced users, Infolytica is offering a day-long training course. On Monday, October 26, conference goers can attend “Advanced MagNet 3D,” which will cover the transition from 2D to 3D simulations and areas of challenge for 3D simulation. More specific topics include 3D meshing challenges, boundary conditions, exploiting symmetry and overcoming Newton Convergence difficulties. “This is going to get really in-depth and is for someone who really wants to get into the software. It’s not a training course that we typically offer,” says Ghalamzan.

A Look Ahead

As a wrap-up, Infolytica is providing a general company overview that encompasses the past year, new advances and a roundtable Q&A. “At Infolytica Engage, if users want to see where we’re going or want to have a say about what we do next, this is their chance to communicate with us,” says Ghalamzan.

The event is open to the public. The company says veteran users and those new to the Infolytica portfolio will get a specialized look into its portfolio. Attendees will have the opportunity to collaborate on creating a software portfolio that can help them anticipate the next generation of electromagnetic devices.

For more information and to register for the conference, visit Infolytica Engage.

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