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Sensors Expo and Conference 2016: IoT Fuels New Exploration of Sensors

Sensors Expo and Conference attract some AI software developers; VDC research shares survey results, which reveals some surprising attitude of businesses toward security.

If you think of IoT as an opportunity to sell more widgets and gadgets, your approach might be too simplistic, perhaps even fatally flawed. Speaking at the recent Sensors Expo and Conference in San Jose, California (June 22-23), Christopher Rommel, ...

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SolidWorks World 2016: Design Shifts from Geometry to Data, Wires, and Chips

3D-printed PCB chip, printed in Nano Dimension's DragonFly printer.

Lou Feinstein who currently manages SolidWorks‘ portfolios for IoT, PCB (printed circuit boards), electrical, mechatronics and plastronics, initially had some doubts about his role inside the SolidWorks organization. He remembered the first time SolidWorks approached him with a job offer. ...

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